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Roswell/Arteisa EAA Chapter 1193 update
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Fantastic progress!  Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!

Let us know when you set dates for Young Eagles events. 
Our NMPA Biz meeting is at Artesia on Feb 15.  Maybe you can do some recruiting of YE pilots.  
A quick update on New Mexico's newest EAA Chapter. We have (re)established the Roswell/Artesia chapter and have approximately 18 members, Meetings are currently scheduled for the first Thursday of each month 7PM at AV Flight Roswell FBO.

Good news- We started building our Zenith 750 STOL rudder last weekend.
Bad news- We FINISHED building our Zenith 750 STOL rudder last weekend!!

Hoped we might get several building sessions out of it but we knocked it out in about 5 1/2 hours total thanks to several motivated members.

We are in need of donations of any kind to fund the chapter and the Zenith build, money, tools, CLECOs, anything you have laying around would be much appreciated. Also looking for Young Eagles pilots & aircraft for two upcoming events this spring/summer.

Accomplishments so far:
- Started the Zenith build
- Presented at the New Mexico Military Academy about EAA and experimental built aircraft
- Attracted no less than 5 new EAA members
- Installed LiveATC antenna at KROW, awaiting the receiver to go live KROW ATC online

Brent Middleton
EAA 1193 President

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