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Airfield Guide, NM Listings 

The Airfield Guide is a repository for information about out-of-the-way airports and places that most pilots don't know about. The site is under development and maintained by the RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation) to to share information about airfields not generally available to the public. Airstrips are continuously added to the Guide. The Backcountry Committee of NMPA decided to join the Airfield Guide, and have it be the repository for information on recreational and backcountry airstrips across New Mexico.
To access the Guide, enter “” into your internet browser window.
The home page loads with a slide show and the image of a computer terminal below.
Click on the computer terminal image and, then read and and click the disclaimer
agreement to enter the guide. A screen similar to the on below will appear.

At this point you can explore various airstrip in the US.  Zoom into a region of interest.  In this example, we will pull up the entry for Negrito Airstrip, in south central New Mexico.   If you aren’t sure where to zoom, just enter the name or identifier (e.g. Negrito or 0NM7) into the search window.  

Click on the yellow circle with the number 12 in it to pull up the Overview page for Negrito Airstrip, shown below.

Overview: Basic information on the airstrip, including contact information

Notes: Specific hazards at this airstrip

Map: Google Earth Map, with overlays for runways, tiedown areas, camping, etc.

Runways: Detailed information on runway length, width, surface, traffic patterns.

Photo/Video: Photo and Videos of the airstrip

Nearest WX: Weather at the airstrip

RHI: Relative Hazard Index. The higher the number, the higher the composite hazards.

Briefing: Printable briefing on the airstrip

Profiles: User can enter in approach speed, departure speed, obstacle clearance, decent rate, climb rate, landing distance and takeoff distance for their aircraft to generate approach and departure profiles.

Functions: Call up briefings, sign up for notices, create a multi-airfield tour, create a Google .kml file