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Sad state of hangars and GA in E NM (lack thereof)
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Still Sad :(
Roswell: "These are not the empty hangars you are looking for". Artesia: Still non available, iffy land lease offered. Tatum: "These are not the empty hangars you are looking for". Plains Texas: YES! beautiful large hangar available, ONLY an hour and a half drive to get to your airplane...

So what's the fix? Apparently, it is to get a hangar in Edgewood, NM and move to the area. Guess I'm a sucker for doing everything the hard way-

Anyhow, Gonna be an ABQ suburbian and commute my Mondays and Fridays down to Artesia.

PS. "Hey State of NM may have matching funds available to build hangars!"

Artesia: Crickets
Roswell: Crickets

Hey Brent,
Since I met you at Oshkosh, I've been encouraged by what you've started.  It's stirring the pot as has been needed!  Change takes leadership and a spark.  It seems you're just what eastern NM general aviation needs!

You're asking the tough questions following some tough years.  The economy may have recovered but perhaps locals are still tentative, given the history.  Go for it!  And let us know how we can help!

NMPA is committed to help invigorate general aviation statewide but it will take our whole aviation community to make a difference, partnering with local communities and state agencies.  We are making progress in some areas but there is so much work to be done --- all across the state. 

Thanks for putting up the mirror.  I'll be interested in other perspectives!

Joyce Woods  

Having recently moved to the great state of New Mexico from Chicago, I was looking forward to the great flying weather and

many airplane adventures...

Until I got here. Here is living in Roswell working in Artesia and the airplane? Well, it’s in TEXAS. Yes Texas. Why?

Because there are NO HANGARS AVAILABLE IN SE New Mexico, none, nada, zip. I find this situation both depressing and appalling.

Being forward thinking and type A, I immediately pursued all avenues to find hangar space:

Artesia - you have any hangar space? No. Waiting list? No. Plans to build any hangars? No.

Roswell - you have any hangar space? No. Waiting list? Yes, 12 deep. Plans to build any? We’re looking for a private sector partner to do that, really? Any financial incentives? No.

Carlsbad - hangar space? No. Waiting list? Yes 10 deep. Plans to build? No.

This is unbelievable. The latest NM aviation division newsletter has several pages on the future of aviation and how great NM is as an aviation location.

I wholeheartedly disagree. No hangar space. No EAA, No flying clubs, No A&Ps, No instructors, No aircraft rentals.

I’d be hard pressed to make this any more resistive to general aviation.

Having said that, I am trying to: Start an EAA chapter, flying club, and get A&Ps and instructors to come to the area.

Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Brent Middleton

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