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NMPA Grants to Enhance NM Airports

Published on 11/19/2021

NMPA Grants – Enhance NM Airports

 We are looking for ideas!  Maybe for your favorite airport?


We are interested in small projects to attract pilots or enhance the visitor experience to New Mexico airports.  Any airport.  We have limited funds but are requesting proposals for projects that our members could implement with local airport support. 

What can we do to attract aviation visitors to stop in New Mexico and perhaps stay a while?  Or give New Mexico pilots another reason to fly?  We want to encourage more on-airport picnicking, camping, or access to local recreational activities.  For instance, a picnic table, bench, fire ring, or a simple shade cover.  A new sofa in the Pilot Lounge?  Or maybe a sign that makes it easier for transient pilots to find airport amenities. 


Give us your ideas, whether at your airport or one you think would benefit. 

Submit your proposal for consideration to:
What we need to know is:

1) Describe the opportunity including what, where, and why

2) Provide a cost estimate and plan for who & how to implement

3) Indicate current level of airport support (Already approved / Need to gain support / No support)

4) Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone)


For approved projects, payout to the Grantee shall be as a reimbursement for expenses aligned with the grant proposal request. Submission of an itemized list of expenses with receipts for primary items is required. Photographs of the completed project are desired where applicable.


If you have an idea but can’t formalize a submission, let us know what you are thinking.  Contact NMPA Grants Committee Chair:  Chuck VanGelder at 505-264-1076 or

Picnic Tables & Fire Ring, Reserve Airport (T16)
NMPA 2017

Fly New Mexico!

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Photo:  Ron Keller installing the Fire Ring at Reserve, one of many he's made possible in the Gila!