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Mountain Flying

Prepare to fly in New Mexico and the mountain west!

NOTE: Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood of state-imposed restrictions on public gatherings in September, the 2020 clinic will be online ONLY and will NOT include the optional flights in New Mexico. We hope that those who choose to participate will join us in Santa Fe next year for their flights.

Flying in the mountains, especially the spectacular Rockies of the American West can be an exhilarating experience for any pilot. The multitude of high elevation public and private airports provide easy access to incredible historical, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

However, it can also be hazardous for those unaware of the unique variables encountered in mountain flight and the adverse effects on aircraft and pilot performance.

Truchas Peak
Accident statistics show that pilots without the skills and knowledge needed for safe flight over mountainous terrain often get themselves into situations which are beyond their ability to handle safely, often with disastrous results. The Mountain Flying Clinic was developed by the New Mexico Pilots Association to address this situation.

For mountain flying resources including a Koch Chart, Leaning Procedures, tips and other useful references, check out our library.

Mountain Flying References

All Safety & Mountain Flying Documents

NMPA Mountain Flying Clinic
On-line, September 25, 2020

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The clinic prepares students to safely execute mountain flights by walking them through scenarios involving high elevation mountain airports, mountain passes, mountain weather, and common mountain flight situations. These scenarios illustrate the factors affecting the safety of mountain flight and the proper way to flight plan in order to mitigate these risks.

The clinic fully prepares pilots for mountain cross-country flights in the “high country,” counts as the ground portion of a biennial flight review, qualifies for FAA WINGs credits, and qualifies you for a discount with many insurers.

The eight-hour ground school is taught by skilled New Mexico flight instructors who live and fly in the mountains for both business and recreation. Over the years, the clinic has evolved into one of the premier safety training courses of its kind. 


Ground School

The ground school covers the basics necessary for safe flight in mountainous areas, including:

• Mountain weather
• Flight planning
• Communications
• Density altitude
• High altitude aircraft and pilot performance
• Mountain airport arrivals and departures
• Enroute navigation
• Risk management and survival
• Proper leaning procedures

         NMPA Mountain Flying Clinic 2016


PIREP - Mountain Flying by Jeff Skiles 

Read Jeff Skiles' article in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine, written after attending NMPA's Mountain Flying Clinic. 

PIREP - Mountain Flying School
Read Grant Besley's 2011 article, Mountain Flying School", published in FlyLow magazine.

REGISTER NOW for the 2020 NMPA Mountain Flying Clinic . Registration page includes info on participant costs and schedule.
Contact the clinic coordinator, Dave Jesurun, if you have additional questions.

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Clinic Flyer and Registration Details - Click HERE
Clinic Flyer and Registration Details - Click HERE