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Me-Own Airstrip
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I mowed Me-Own runway yesterday, 3-25-20. Got the full length and width. Picked up some large rocks. Also mowed tie-down areas in front of the windsock. Vault toilet is posted and locked until further notice. Me-Own is actually the trail head for Grand Enchantment Trail heading East. Runway is dry and fairly smooth. A few very shallow longitudinal ruts around mid-field. Discovered that cell service has improved.
With Verizon, standing in front of the windsock, was able to make 2 phone calls, send a text, and get email. Maybe not a good thing...
As of this posting, Me-Own Airstrip remains open, as it should.
I flew to Me-Own on 3-22-20 to see if the runway still needs to be mowed. It does. The runway looked dry, so I landed on runway 14. It seemed a little soft, but not muddy at all. The center 10' is mostly clear of grass, but outside of that, it is 18-24" tall. The windsock looks good. No snow except for mountain peaks. USFS will be locking the vault toilet effective 3-25-20 for COVID-19 protocol. Hopefully, the airstrip will remain open. 
On 11-5-19 I overflew Me-Own Airstrip to check on condition. The center 20 feet of runway appears OK with taller grass along edges. On my second pass I was able to locate the windsock and it appeared to be bright orange. I flew both passes on the West side of the runway in case any deer hunters were in the canyon on the East side of the runway, though I did not observe any activity in the area.
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