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Negrito Airstrip
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VAULT TOILET LOCKED..................NO SH-T
5-16-20   Both runways in good shape, new windsock pole installed at runway intersection, south windsock inspected for wear and functionality, vault toilet temporarily locked by USFS for COVID-19.
As of 4-24-20, the scheduled work party at Negrito, May 1-3, is a GO after coordination with the District Ranger.
This forwarded to one of our members for sharing.  Thanks Bart and Don!!!!!

We had a great flight yesterday from Mystic Bluffs to Gallup for low priced fuel, a swing around Shiprock and Four Corners and wonderful sights across Lake Powell and on into Escalante. And almost no wind………!!!


Here’s my report for two NM runways (we discussed some of this already).

  1. Me-Own: Runway very good. Windsock good. Runway margins recently mowed.
  2. Negrito: Windsocks good. Tetrahedron functional. Crosswind R/W 03-21 good surface. Main R/W 17-35 has/had a rough patch (water erosion and deep tire tracks) from just north of the pit toilet (at road intersection with runway) to near the intersection with 03-21 (see photo). I believe I mentioned that on the second day of our visit a pilot by the name of Gary Sims (sp?) took a drag towed by a jeep to that rough area. Natala and I marginally helped by tossing rocks off. It’s still a bit rough but much better and should not be an issue for most aircraft. Of course that runway is so long you really do not even need that section but for those landing south on the main runway that patch is in the roll-out area.


Stay well………looking forward to another meet-up with you!





Pilots' report from weekend of April 18th. Crosswind runway OK. Main runway North end OK, and South end OK, but very deep ruts were in the runway from the camping area toward the North to where the gravel starts. Gary S. used his drag to make some repairs, but it may still be rough in that area. Windsocks OK. A big Thanks to Gary for making repairs and for the PIREP. Also to the couple from Washington who Gary said was there camping with a 182.
As of this date, we are still planning on a Negrito/Rainy Mesa work party May 1-3. Back-up dates are May 15-17.
The District Ranger and I will talk it over on April 24th, and make a go/no go decision based on current facts around COVID-19 and any revisions of State orders. We may need to implement some unusual requirements for a work party. Some examples could be: answering a simple questionnaire, wearing a mask when in proximity to another person, reducing the numbers at any one location, everyone bringing their own food, etc. Right now, the State orders extend through April 30th. An exemption to the State orders is "Airport Operations". The "Let's get it done" part of me wants to claim the exemption, but the practical side of me realizes that this will not be a unilateral decision. There is a possibility that we may miss the 1-3 May dates, but would be able to make the 15-17 dates work. The next 2 weeks will provide more facts and data to make a decision. If you have registered for the work party, please stay flexible, and I will notify you by email listed on your registration if we have to change plans. This should be no later than April 24th, maybe sooner. I will also make a new Forum post and make an announcement on the NMPA website.
Negrito tie-down areas, E & W mowed on 02-21-20. Snow mostly melted except under trees, but runway is very muddy. Made shallow tractor tracks across runway at tie-down area, but this should be taxi speed area. Vault toilet swept out. Some firewood still at fire ring. Someone departed Negrito as I was turning off the forest road. Did not see, but heard plane. They must have used the upper 2000' feet where the gravel is since there were no aircraft tire tracks at mid field.
12/02/2019   Negrito had 2-3 inches of crusted snow on runways, and 6 inches of snow elsewhere.
More snow expected this week. Windsock frame and windsock replaced on North end.
TJ and I landed on 11/17/19 in a C180 and C182. Both runways are OK. Windsocks OK. Expecting some snow this week.
Flew to Negrito on 11-5-19 to clean and restock vault toilet. Landed on runway 17 due to sporty winds.
17/35 was in good shape with center 20 feet grass nice and short, runway edges had taller grass and parking/tiedown areas still had tall grass. Runway 3/21 looked good with center 20 feet of grass still short, taller along edges. Both windsocks were indicating correctly. Firewood supply next to fire ring is diminishing.
Update 9-10-19

As of this date, runways dry and in good shape. Runways were dragged to knock down the tall grass by Gary S. Thanks Gary! North windsock a little unresponsive sometimes due to bearing failure. South windsock and North tetrahedron OK. Tiedown locations marked by bright orange tape. East side has tiedown zone( 5 tiedowns) marked by tape in trees. West side has 3 tiedown spots marked by orange tape on fence.
PIREP from Negrito, 2019-8-30 from Ron Keller

12 Noon:  Runway 17/35 in good shape.  Center 10 feet clear of tall grass.  Runway sides and tie down area has grass 24 - 30 inches high.  Windsocks OK.  Dry so far, but expecting rain next week. 

3PM update:  Runway 3/21 has 12 - 18 inch grass all over.  Getting some rain today.
Negrito Airstrip now has an operational vault toilet. It will be cleaned by NMPA volunteers, so if you are there and notice a cleaning or supply need, please let us know. This is a new endeavor for us, so we don't know what to expect as far as usage. Please be patient until we figure out a good schedule.
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