The New Mexico Pilots Association

NMPA is a grass roots organization of members with a passion for general aviation in New Mexico. NMPA is an IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization.

NMPA promotes general aviation, aviation safety, pilot camaraderie, and preservation of airfields and airspace. We provide proactive leadership, keeping abreast of and sharing information on events, issues and concerns of interest to general aviation pilots statewide.

Our Backcountry Committee is dedicated to increase aviation access to backcountry airstrips and recreational areas by preserving and maintaining existing strips, opening new airstrips (both public and private), promoting safety and best practices and hosting backcountry flyins.   

Our Safety & Training Committee organizes FAA WINGS safety clinics and seminars throughout the state. We conduct an annual Mountain Flying Clinic, and host seminars covering topics such as hypoxia, backcountry flying, weather, and emergency procedures.

In 2012, NMPA sponsored the New Mexico Centennial Aviation Celebration, commemorating 100 years of rich aviation heritage. Centennial events included a three day Air Tour with stops at seven New Mexico airports. 

NMPA bylaws define officers to be: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The Board of Directors may consist of up to nine Directors, including elected officers. Additional Board Members are appointed, striving to maintain regional representation as practical. An annual membership meeting and social is held in the spring.

We strive to provide resources through our web site, not only our members, but for any aviation enthusiasts.

NMPA is an affiliate state member of the United States Pilots Association