New Mexico Airstrip Network (NMAN)

New Mexico Airstrip Network Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony for New Mexico Airstrip Network, Nov 10, 2016 READ MORE

The New Mexico Airstrip Network (NMAN) is a coalition of multiple state and federal agencies, organizations, and private land owners with a common goal to increase public access to airstrips to promote tourism and economic development, while conserving the environment.

Why New Mexico?  Why Now?    Recreational aviation and backcountry adventures are a growing national trend, supporting a desire for more leisure and family time.  New Mexico uniquely offers a longer flying season, unparalleled diversity, aerial vistas, and terrain. 

Benefits:   Airstrips offer increased access to New Mexico recreational destinations, enhancing biking, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, etc. with the associated economic impact on nearby portal communities.  Remote airstrips also provide access for emergency medical and wildfire operations.

Future Vision:  Our vision reflects the values and a commitment of partners to maintaining and enhancing air access to New Mexico’s recreational destinations, in which all New Mexicans can take pride.

Strategy and Action Plans:  New Mexico has a wide range of public and private airstrips which offer excellent recreational opportunities, although currently not well utilized.  Initial strategy and action plans define a coordinated effort to preserve and enhance airstrip access, and through marketing and education, demonstrate the sustainable value of airstrips as one of New Mexico’s truly unique transportation assets.

Why Formalize with an MOU?  Since 2010, the NMPA Backcountry Committee and the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) have strived to expand backcountry flying in New Mexico.  While progress has been made, a unified effort with partners including the USFS, BLM, state agencies, and recreational organizations will assure success and sustainability.  NMAN is modeled after the successful Idaho Airstrip Network.  



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