NMPA's Mountain Flying Clinic

    Prepare to fly in New Mexico and the mountain west!

    Flying in New Mexico and other western states presents challenges which may require a study of mountain flying techniques for pilots used to lower altitudes and where there are more airports and services available.


    NMPA’s Mountain Flying Clinic – Santa Fe, September 13 - 16, 2018


    The acclaimed New Mexico Pilots Association Mountain Flying Clinic will be held in Santa Fe, September 13 to 16, 2018. The Clinic, held at the New Mexico Air National Guard facility on the Santa Fe airport, starts with an eight hour ground school on Thursday, covering the tools necessary to understand and plan for the unique and rewarding challenges of mountain flying.  The curriculum includes mountain flight planning, aircraft performance, mountain weather, aeromedical factors, risk management & survival, mountain communications, and mountain flight maneuvers. 

    Truchas Peak.JPGFriday, Saturday and Sunday offer an optional flight opportunity with a highly experienced mountain flying CFI over spectacular mountainous terrain, through mountain passes, and landings at several high altitude airports.   Successful completion of both the Thursday ground school and the weekend optional flight will meet the flight review requirements of 14CFR61.56.  Credits under the FAA WINGs Pilot Proficiency Program are available and some insurance companies will provide discounts for participating in this safety clinic.   

    PHOTO: New Mexico high country - Truchas Peak

    Read Jeff Skiles' article in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine, after attending NMPA's Mountain Flying Clinic.

    DOWNLOAD DETAILED INFORMATION regarding participant costs, pilot and aircraft requirements, and other clinic particulars.   


    2016 Mountain Flying Clinic Class
    NMPA Mountain Flying clinic 2016

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    For a Koch Chart, Leaning Procedures, tips and other useful references, see our library of  MOUNTAIN FLYING DOCUMENTS 

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