See accompanying screen shots.

1. Click "File Manager" to open pop-up window - be sure pop-ups are not blocked.
2. Initial window will show "have no file for this post"
3. "Browse" to where your target file is, then click "Add File"
4. You should see your file with a reference number - "life-is_good.jpg" in this example. Add any desired caption text.
5. Click "Done Adding Files" when...done.
6. The "File Manager" will now show number of files you uploaded.
7. Finish your "Post" text and click "Submit"

forum_attachment_step-1.gif (3 downloads)
forum_attachment_step_2.gif (3 downloads)
forum_attachment_step_3.gif (3 downloads)
forum_attachment_step_4.gif (3 downloads)

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