Just received this from KSAF Tower. Note that we have contract towers at: KSAF, KHOB, KAEG, KFMN
Joyce Woods

Good Afternoon Friends,

The proposed FY 2018 budget includes a 13% cut in the DOT/FAA budget. This could have consequences similar to sequestration for the Santa Fe air traffic control tower, namely we could be closed. We provide the same service as the FAA did until 1996, but with 1/3 the staff. I personally feel that cost-cutters should look elsewhere.

Please contact Representative Lujan and thank him for signing the letter regarding contract tower funding for FY 2018 and urge his continued support.

Please contact our senators and ask them to sign the letter regarding contract tower funding for FY 2018 that is being sponsored by Senators James Inhofe and Richard Blumenthal. The deadline for this is April 4th. Also urge their continued support.

Congressman Ben Lujan
Washington (202) 225-6190
Santa Fe (505) 984-8950

Senator Tom Udall
Washington (202) 224-6621
Santa Fe (505) 988-6511

Senator Martin Heinrich
Washington (202) 224-5521
Santa Fe (505) 988-6647

Thank you for your time and help.


Bob Wood

Air Traffic Manager
121 Aviation Dr. Suite 7
Santa Fe, NM 87507-8497
(505) 471-3810
(505) 473-7103 (Fax)