The following was reported by Ron O about a trip this week to Negrito. Thought you all would be interested.

Ron reports: Thanks to you both for the help on my Negrito pre-flight. The trip was amazing!

I contacted the Gila National Forest 575-388-8312 and notified them we would be coming. Actually got to talk to Sara Doring, Aviation Director for the SW Region. Strip is in excellent shape. Dry, mowed, and compacted, with minimal ruts. Very secure and permanent tie-downs at the N end of RWY 35 on the East side. Wind direction varied by 300+ from the N end of RWY 35 to the intersection point at about mid-field and again at T/O end of RWY 35. Probably due to trees but something to note. Density altitude of 10,383 at take-off time around 5 pm.

We spent the day hiking in the area. Saw 18 elk in 3 different groups, one Mexican Gray Wolf, one kit fox (not the airplane!) in a tree, turkeys, and a bobcat.

Thanks for the great report Ron!! We are indeed blessed here in NM to have the Gila airstrips in our backyard.

Happy Flying, Larry F