House Bill 495 bill passed in the House yesterday (67 to 0) to authorize landing fees for General Aviation Aircraft with an amendment to exempt aircraft less than 6000#.

This bill is now on the calendar for the Senate Corporations and Transportation committee. They meet late today and the schedule carries over to next week.

If you do not agree with this bill, members of that committee and your Senators need to hear from you (phone or email). Senate Transportation Committee list and contact info <> .

NMPA opposes expansion of landing fees to any general aviation aircraft (Part 91). Given the interest to generate new revenue this year, this bill has momentum. We already support airports through fuel taxes and landing fees will negatively impact aviation and communities in New Mexico. If we must compromise, it should be for the well-established FAA definition of light aircraft of under 12,500#, not some arbitrary number.

As always, we encourage you also to reach out to your Senators with your view on this bill (phone or email). Find your legislator <> . To monitor
calendar updates: