Jim Densmore, Regional Director of the CO,WY,NM region of the Skywagon Club is organizing a fly-in to Durango the weekend of 1-3 May. Folks wishing to participate will be staying at the Hampton Inn Durango, 970-247-2600, arriving on Friday 1 May. There is a block reserved for the Skywagon group.
Now, I know that the Skywagon organization has a reputation for beeing snooty given that you cannot join the club unless you own a 180/185, but I'd be willing to bet that Jim would be happy to host whomever wants to come. Jim's email address is JIMDENSMORE@comcast.net if you want to contact him.
Participants will be flying into Animas Airpark, 00C, on Friday, and Jim will be making arrangements for transportation to the hotel. Saturday will be a fly-out to other locations for those that want to fly, and I understand that several folks will probably be taking the Durango-Silverton Railroad tour.
As of this writing I have no other details but you can contact Jim for more if you are interested.