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General interest forums are found here. If you have a great topic that does not fit an available forum below, place it in "Anything Goes" and contact us to add a new forum to handle further discussion.
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Backcountry Flyins
Backcountry Flyins in New Mexico
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Re: Double Circle Ranch Fl...
(J Woods) - 04/11/18 12:26 PM
Anything goes (2 viewing)
Use this forum if there is not one already created for your topic.
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Re: New NMPA Website Launc...
(ronkeller) - Yesterday at 06:03 PM
Aircraft or Aircraft Maintenance
Anything pertaining to aircraft selection, performance, maintenance, etc.
12 42
(edwardscussel) - 05/23/19 03:10 PM
Aviation Issues (1 viewing)
Info related to any aviation issues at local, state, or federal level.
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Re: Transmission Lines at ...
(jonfinley) - 01/30/19 03:37 PM
Flying to New Mexico? Local Info
Post info on hotels, restaurants, etc.
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Re: AOPA Article on TorC
(J Woods) - 03/30/18 03:51 PM
Flying Gear, Tools, & Gizmos
Discussion of any aviation or camping gear, tools, or gizmos of interest to pilots.
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GP -> Cloud Ahoy GDL52 ...
(cashoefman) - 06/24/18 10:53 AM
United States Pilots Association news. NMPA is affiliated with USPA and pays annual dues. Any NMPA member may get direct email news by contacting USPA at jan@uspilots.org.
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Website/Forum Questions and Comments
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Uploading Attachments
(Robert Duncan) - 08/02/12 01:21 PM
Airstrip data linked from the airport search
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Lindrith Airpark
Lindrith (E32)
4 5
Lindrith Stuff
(jeffgilkey) - 03/04/18 05:10 PM
Besley Memorial
Besley memorial just west of the Rio Grande Gorge and the Wild Rivers Recreation Area
8 15
test message
(jeffgilkey) - 03/05/18 06:59 PM
Beaverhead Airstrip
News, information, pilot reports for Beaverhead Airstrip
2 4
Re: Procedures
(jimivey) - 09/19/16 01:37 PM
Jewett Mesa
News, information, pilot reports for Jewett-Mesa Airstrip
2 5
(Skip) - 04/22/15 07:32 PM
News, information, pilot reports for Me-Own Airstrip
2 3
(Skip) - 04/22/15 07:28 PM
Navajo Lake
News, information, pilot reports for Navajo Lake Airstrip
2 12
(Skip) - 04/22/15 07:37 PM
Negrito Airstrip
News, information, pilot reports for Negrito Airstrip
25 44
(ronkeller) - 07/13/17 01:39 PM
Rainy Mesa 4 6
(Skip) - 04/22/15 07:42 PM
Timberon (1 viewing)
News, information, pilot reports for Timberon Airstrip
5 10
(Skip) - 04/22/15 07:46 PM
RAC - Back Country Air Strips Category
Here is where you find what your Recreational Aviation Committee is doing, legislative issues, plus PIREPS for selected airports.
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Backcountry Airstrips - General (2 viewing)
News and discussion of backcountry airstrips without dedicated forums. Post info about that airstrip you just discovered, including location, airstrip data, ownership, condition, recreational opportunities, etc.
26 75
Looking for Pegasus
(ronkeller) - 12/15/16 07:48 PM
Meetings and Legislation
Pertaining to backcountry airstrips.
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Great job RAF! Thanks!
(J Woods) - 03/26/15 08:47 PM
Work Parties
All news and planning for back country Work Parties
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Re: Negrito Workparty 6/6 ...
(ronkeller) - 06/10/14 08:47 PM
Flight Safety and Instruction
All Forums and topics concerning aviation flight safety or flight instruction. Safety advisories or tips you might give to newbies and high-timers alike, recommendations for flight instruction locations?
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FAA Flight Advisories
Flight safety advisories in New Mexico thought to be of interest. For a complete listing, go to www.faasafety.gov/files/notices
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Re: Gila TFR
(ronkeller) - 05/26/18 02:52 PM
Instrument Flight Instruction
Tired of being "VFR-only" with a thin overcast layer delaying your departure? Get that IFR rating and you will also become a safer pilot acording to the statistics.
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IR Students?
(cashoefman) - 06/24/18 11:05 AM
Safety Tips
Share safety tips including mountain flying.
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Re: Patrick Romano's STOL ...
(J Woods) - 11/27/16 08:09 PM
All event-specific Forums and topics on NMPA-sponsored events and other aviation events.
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Fly-Outs - Spontaneous
Use this forum to initiate and coordinate fly-outs for breakfast or that $100 hamburger.
8 18
Murrow Field Fly In
(hansgeorghimmeroeder) - 06/09/15 05:46 PM
Timberon Spring Fly-in
Discussion of the NMPA Spring Fly-in at Timburon
4 12
Timberon Fly In Photos by ...
(J Woods) - 05/16/11 07:33 AM
NMPA "Red or Green?" Chile Fest Fly-in September
All news and discussion of the NMPA "Red or Green?" Chile Fest Fly-in.
1 3
Re: link to Sunset Mag Hat...
(carlbogardus) - 07/22/13 11:53 AM
NMPA Fly Ins / Other Events (2 viewing) 13 25
(Clay Phillips) - 04/11/15 08:21 PM
Non-NMPA Sponsored Events
All news and discussion of non-NMPA Sponsored Events.
11 30
(J Woods) - 09/08/14 01:43 PM