Membership Benefits

By joining NMPA, you support aviation in general and specifically the NMPA mission to promote general aviation and aviation safety, pilot camaraderie, and preservation of airfields and airspace. Our board of directors meets regularly to discuss aviation activity in New Mexico.  NMPA Back Country and Safety standing committees are active in supporting recreational flying and safety clinics and partner with government and public service groups. We are a grass roots organization with a passion for aviation, and represent the diverse general aviation community in New Mexico.
As a member, you have a communication link with NMPA officers and committees, receive email news to keep you informed of upcoming events, issues and other activities of interest. Active members have access to “Members Only” functions of our web site and reduced fees for major events and fly-outs. The “Members Only” web functions allow you to post your local aviation events or classified ads, participate in hangar flying discussions on a variety of subjects in the FORUM, find and communicate with another member (Search Roster), share useful aviation links, and post photos in your own photo gallery.
If you fly in or through New Mexico, are interested in preserving aviation not only in New Mexico but across the board to include all types of aircraft and pilots, why NOT join NMPA?  One year membership is $25, two years $45 and three years $65.  You can pay with a credit card online through our website, or by check.  NMPA is about all things aviation and enjoying New Mexico from the top down.

  1. NMPA members are kept informed about aviation events and any issues or concerns in the state. 
  2. NMPA is an advocate of safety and safety education for pilots. NMPA provides fly-in FAA WINGS safety seminars at airports throughout the state. 
  3. When problems arise concerning aviation issues in New Mexico relating to airports, encroachment on airspace, or proposed rules and regulations that will negatively impact our flying; NMPA responds, informing our members. 
  4. NMPA is a network of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who know how to have fun!

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